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actu8 Consulting provides bespoke Market Access consultancy services for all the built environment stakeholders. These include the Architecture, Contractor, Engineering, Surveying, and Specialist supporting sectors, the independent developer and public sectors, European state providers and international academia institutions.

Its unique blend of experience and expertise enables actu8 Consulting to provide innovative solutions effectively tailored to clients' needs. actu8 Consulting is part of the actu8 Group, which includes one of the Built Environments leading recruitment agency networks giving our clients access to an unparalleled breadth of global expertise.

The actu8 Consulting team works directly with the construction industry, built environment providers and academia institutions. We provide bespoke research, analysis and innovative business development solutions to all built environment stakeholders.

The team has a unique range of skills and expertise gained from working in the construction industry and/or built environment organisations. The actu8 Group also has an extensive network of associates who work within specialist construction sectors.

Members of the actu8 Consulting team have an in-depth knowledge of the complex issues facing public and private sector built environment stakeholders, as well as a passion for finding creative business development & strategic marketing solutions.

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